Master of an Important Niche, Subaru Continues to Thrive

For the first twenty years of the company's life, Subaru hardly stood out from a sea of other Japanese manufacturers. A number of new auto makers sprang into life during the post-war period in Japan, and most focused, quite reasonably, on producing small, inexpensive vehicles that emphasized reliability and practicality.

Over time, though, the various players in the industry began trying to distinguish themselves from the competition. For Subaru, this moment arrived in the early 1970s, when the company's first vehicle featuring all-wheel drive rolled off its assembly lines in the Ebisu neighborhood of Tokyo. In fact, this vehicle was one of the first cars positioned as a daily driver to feature this kind of drive train and visit the Shortline website attracted significant notice because of that.

Over the following years, Subaru worked hard to refine that initial vision, seeking increasingly practical and compelling ways to deliver the safety and security of all-wheel drive to the masses. By the early 80s, with iconic projects like the Subaru Brat behind it, the company was well-positioned for a mass-market breakthrough.

Before long, that long-anticipated recognition arrived, and in a gratifying way. Today, Subaru models like the Legacy, Impreza, and Outback are among the most popular in snowy regions around the world, and they even do well in many more temperate climates.

Shortline Subaru of Denver, for example, is one of the busiest dealerships in the state of Colorado, as residents of that area so appreciate Subaru's undeniable facility with driving in the snow. The Shortline Subaru Dealership does a brisk business in both new and used Subarus of all kinds, from the unassuming Legacy to the racy Impreza, and Subarus for Sale in Denver, Colorado typically do not have to sit for very long before finding buyers.

For Subaru Denver locals have shown great appreciation over the years, then, and this story is repeated in many similar places around the world. Although there have been calls for Subaru to seek to grow the company's basic market by designing cars with more of a general appeal, the auto maker's leaders have steadfastly stuck to the specialty that has produced so much success already.

In an age where seemingly every company of a certain scale focuses on taking over its market entirely, Subaru therefore represents something of an exception. Instead of being determined to grow further at any cost, the company continues to work on improving its performance in its longtime niche and seems set to continuing thriving as it does so.